Saturday, 23 February 2013



beanie - present // crop top - DIY // skirt - handmade // leather waistcoat - vintage // army jacket - vintage // Doc Martens - eBay

001 // Just a quick little outfit post for this weekend, I wore this to a casual dinner out with the family and got a few weird looks... the locals obviously aren't into the military trend like I am!
002 // I cropped a long sleeved black t-shirt to make this crop top and made this skirt myself a few years ago. The waistcoat and jacket were both presents from fellow vintage lovers and friends of mine for my last birthday... oh how I've trained them well ;) i bought my Doc Martens from a boutique on eBay for £60 which I personally think is a good saving for DM's!
003 // And finally I thought I would show off my new babies! My prescription Gok Wan glasses!! I got them on 2 for one the other day at the opticians and I just can't take them off! They make me feel fairly quirky and they have a certain Deirdre Barlow feel to them AND I LOVE THEM! Oh and sorry for the floral headband, I was playing around with photoshop...
004 // I have mock exams for the next 2 weeks so posts may be a bit scarce but I will try and keep on top on things. I promise to stick to this new blog :)
 Mia x

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Just a few things I've been lusting over for a while, but once again, I'm stuck with no money *cries* I need a job...
mesh top - Topshop
beanie - The Ragged Priest
dungaree skirt - River Island
glasses -
boots - Jeffrey Campbell
love Mia x 


So seeing as it is a new year, well I know its the middle of February but you know what I mean, I thought it would be a good time to have a fresh start at this whole fashion blogging thing.

I just wasn't happy with my old blog and I'm a strong believer in changing the things you are unhappy with. My old blog was by the way.

I'm hoping to post at least 3 times a month but with school, art and exams coming I just can't promise ;) This will mainly be a fashion blog as I think it will be a good experience for me to express my fashion interests and to hear what other people have to say, but there may be the odd little art post as they are my main passions in life!

I am currently in year 10 of high school in the UK and hope to go on to study fashion, design or something of that sort in the future. My dream school is the London College of Fashion and I hope to move to London to study there in a few years.

Would love to make a few fashion friendies so comments and schtuff are appreciated and I would love to see your blogs!

Well it has been lovely speaking but I have to be off now, I'll be sure to post again soon!

Mia x

p.s. i will follow you back on here, twitter, tumblr, anything :p